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Upcoming Rosie events. Get hands-on with the latest prototypes. Become a junior software developer. Say hi to the Rosie team!

Robotics Summer Camps

Dates: 25/07/2017 – 18/08/2017
Location: Innovationspark Dübendorf

The Rosie team are running junior developer workshops at the “Mission Rosetta” Summer camps. As part of the workshop children test the latest app prototypes. They learn about the app development process and apply their new knowledge by providing user feedback.

Scientifica 2017

Dates: 02/09/2017 – 03/09/2017
Location: ETH Zurich

As part of Scientifica 2017 the Rosie team are running 45-minute workshops for ages 8 to 12 years old. Join the Rosie founders to experience the latest prototype. Children follow Rosie’s story and do a science experiment with the latest smartphones.

Treffpunkt Science City

Dates: 29/10/2017
Location: ETH Zurich

Join the Rosie team at Trefftpunkt family Sunday. The theme of this workshop is “Adventurers and Explorers”. Children take Rosie on an exploratory tour around the Hönggerberg campus. Smartphones are used to discover hidden and mysterious digital objects in the real world.